Targeting Lymphatic Flow: How Yoga Can Help with Immunity

There are numerous ways to promote lymphatic flow. Here is one sample provided by Christy Fisher, Phinney Ridge Yoga, Mar 7, 2018 newsletter:

  1. Begin with gentle head rolls or a light self-massage stroking along the sides of the neck toward the collar bones.
  2. Practice gentle shoulder and chest opening such as sweeping the arms. “If you have lymphedema in one arm, begin with the other healthy arm to allow for optimal drainage.” Repeat 6 times. Switch sides.
  3. Focus on a full belly breath. Practice a very gentle seated spinal twist, flowing gently with the breath, holding the last twist on each side for several breaths.
  4. Practice gentle Ardha Apanasana (One Leg Knees to Chest). Gently circle the knee. Switch sides. “If you have lymphedema in one leg begin with the healthy side.”
  5. Practice an inversion for legs and feet such as Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall) or a Supported Inversion with Chair. “Circle your feet and flare your toes to maximize the benefits.”