The Knee Joint: Anatomy of Knees, Lower Legs & Feet

The tibeofemoral joint is known as the knee. It connects:

  1. The femur (thigh bone), and
  2. The tibia (shin bone)

The knee is the largest synovial joint in the body. It is a modified hinge joint.

  1. It flexes and extends.
  2. When the knee is flexed, it can rotate.*

* The muscles that rotate the flexed knees are the hamstrings and a small muscle on the back of the knee joint, the politeus. (H. David Coulter)

The patella is known as the kneecap.

  1. It is a “sesamoid bone,” meaning it is embedded in a tendon.
  2. Its ability to move up and down is made possible by the bursa (lubricant-filled sack) beneath it.

The following image shows the tendons and ligaments that surround the knee joint.