Bow Legs: Anatomy of the Knees: Function & Issues

  • Genum varum or bow legs refer to cases where a person stands with feet together and the knees are wide apart.
  • Nina Zolotow teaches that hyperextended knees and bow legs can be confused. See above (Hyperextension) for a way to differentiate between the two.
  • Aligning feet and strengthening inner legs are primary ways to address bow legs. (Nina Zolotow)

Bow Legs

Because people with bowlegs tend to bear weight unevenly on their hips, knees and feet (the outer sides of these joints bear more weight), uneven stress and wear on those joints could lead to the early onset of arthritis… By working with your alignment in your yoga poses, you can learn to bear your weight more evenly in your asanas and, with that new awareness, in your daily life as well. – Nina Zolotow Yoga for Healthy Aging, Bowlegs, Doctor Who, and Yoga