Earth Element Practice: Embodiment & Grounding

An email on July 18, 2016, from Team Hanuman suggested the following practice “when you feel scattered and ungrounded, or simply want to connect more deeply with the Earth element.”

Our summary of the practice:

  1. If possible, stand barefoot outside. Otherwise, stand barefoot inside.
  2. Spread the toes, soften knees. “Feel the weight of your body.”
  3. See that the bones are stacked (ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, crown of head) and that your weight is even front-to-back and side-to-side.
  4. Focus on the downward movement of energy (apana) by allowing “your weight to sink into the earth beneath you.”
  5. With each exhalation, “exaggerate” the sense of sinking down. “Imagine roots growing downwards into the earth from your feet. Visualize these roots connecting you deeply into the dark, dense, moist earth below.”
  6. With the inhale, “bring your awareness to the upward flow of energy (pranic). Begin to draw the earth energy up through the roots, into your feet, and into your whole body. Invite the strength, stability and solidity of earth to fill you. Stay with this receiving breath for a few moments.”
  7. Savor this practice for several rounds: exhale, send your energy down into the earth; inhale, draw the earth energy up.