Visualization & Meditation: Embodiment & Grounding

Earth Element: Trees as an Example

The Earth element (prithvi) gifts us with stability, a sense of center and a solid base. It is our foundation in the world. Earth is the physical body, and everything solid in nature. Trees are great examples of the power of the Earth element — the deeper the roots, the stronger the trunk…and the higher and wider the branches are able to grow. Earth teaches us that we must root deeply in order to rise. – Team Hanuman

Meditation on The Earth Element

When I’m teaching this practice I encourage students to notice first of all those aspects of the body that they can directly experience: the physical presence and weight of the body, the feeling of the sitting bones pressing into the cushion or bench, the hands resting on the lap, the knees on the floor, the teeth. We simply notice these experiences of solidness. – wildmind buddhist meditation .

Abundance Meditation

  • Rick Jarow shares a wonderful Abundance Meditation in Creating the Work You Love © 1995 pgs 32-33.
  • He notes that “the most important factor in working with the first chakra is to learn to begin every day from a place of fulfillment and a sense of being supported by the forces of existence, to feel in your very core that you are riding the energetic crest of life as opposed to constantly paddling upstream.”
  • To see a sample script for this meditation, see the book or our Guided Visualizations.