Research: Scoliosis

Asymmetrical Strengthening Improved Spinal Curvature in 40% (2014) link

  • Conducted by Dr. Loren Fishburne, this is the first peer-reviewed published trial studying yoga for the reduction of scoliosis curves.
  • The study was conducted to evaluate the effects of asymmetrical strengthening and seems to focus mainly on a C-curve scoliosis.
  • Of the initial 25 participants, 19 completed the study and were evaluated using the standard Cobb method for measuring scoliosis curvature and by X-Ray before and after.
  • Participants practiced Side Plank more than three times per week. They were asked to hold the posture on the convex side of their spine, daily and for as long as possible. This averaged approx. 1.5 minutes per day for 6 days a week. Progress was measured after 3 to 22 months.
  • Overall improvement in spine curvature was 40% with adolescents improving by 50% and the adult participants by 38%.