Purpose & Practices: Hand Mudras Introduction

Purpose / Uses

The following are ways in which mudras are used:

  1. To heal.
  2. Practiced with pranayama, to direct prana.
  3. Used with asana,” to energize the asanas at a deeper level.” (Dr. David Frawley)
  4. To focus the mind in preparation for meditation.
  5. To “energize expression” and “organize subtle energy patterns.”
  6. For specific uses such as teaching.

Guidelines / Tips

Some instructions for practicing hand mudras include the following:

  • Most sources state that mudras can be practiced at any time and during any activity, including standing or walking, in addition to seated.
  • Unless a mudra requires both hands to create, it is recommended to practice with each hand; but it is clearly stated to be acceptable and beneficial to practice using only one hand when necessary.
  • “Exert enough pressure to feel the flow of energy through the nadis (psychic channels) up the arms but not enough to whiten fingertips.” (KundalinieYoga.org)