Form: Anjali / Atmanjali Mudra

Basic Instructions

  • Place both hands together in front of chest / heart chakra.
  • Another option is to take the hands behind the heart, outer edge of little fingers against back.
  • Press heels and fingers of hands together firmly and evenly.
  • Leave small space between palms (e.g. “cup” the hands slightly). Some teach to think of this small space as a place for the seed of your intention or prayer.
  • Sometimes, the instruction is to place thumbs lightly on chest and sometimes it is to press thumbs against heart center.
  • Or, in an asana such as Vrksasana (Tree Pose), the mudra may be instructed as not touching the chest.
  • Lift elbows so forearms are parallel with floor.

Other Potential Instructions

  • Lift chest to hands.
  • Bow head to hands.

Meaning / Location of Gesture

Cain Carroll teaches the following

  • Place hands above head for deities.
  • Place hands in front of face for elders and teachers.
  • Hold hands in front of chest for general respect.