Purpose / Benefits: Anjali / Atmanjali Mudra

  • Bring a calming, centering energy.
  • Create clarity.
  • Increase concentration.
  • “Support inner collection.” (Gertrud Hirschi)
  • Create harmony, balance.
  • Bring silence.
  • Harmonize coordination of left and right brain hemispheres.
  • Express reverence, praise or gratitude.
  • Support meditation.
  • “Facilitates connection to the heart and central channel – sushumna nadi.” (Cain Carroll)
  • Also used to show obedience, to clap a beat, to indicate the form of Shiva, and to await instruction from one’s guru. (Cain Carroll)
  • “[Used to bridge] inner and outer experience, when saying grace before meals, communicating our truth within a relationship, or as a means of cooling the fires of stress when feeling rushed or reactionary.” (Shiva Rea)

Anjali Mudra is used extensively as part of the spiritual cultures of East and West as a gesture of prayer, to show respect, humble oneself, and surrender to the greatness of life. – Cain Carroll and Revital Carroll

* * *

Clasping the hands together in prayer or Anjali mudra as it is known in yoga, forms a “closed loop” or a “closed circuit.” Energy flows through this circuit from the right-hand palm (positive) to left hand palm (negative) enhancing the flow of electrical energy within the body. – Body Divine Yoga

Sample Uses