Going Deeper: Anjali / Atmanjali Mudra

Hold Intention

Anjali Mudra can also be practiced with a small space between the palms, almost as if you were holding a small bird between your hands. In this space we can imagine holding our intention for class or any intention we set before sitting down for meditation. We hold our intention and then bring our hands closer to our heart to set our intention at the ‘alter of our heart.’ This ritual allows us to put our intention into action. It is not just a desire but a plan that we have physically set into motion by bringing it to our heart, where intentions are realized. – Awareness Warrior, Oms and Namastes and Mudras…OH MY

Bring You to the Silence

Visualize a place that harmonizes with your needs. Imagine this place as precisely as possible. At holy places, we feel a special energy. Try to also feel this energy within yourself. This mudra will bring you to the silence; whether you make a request, ask a question, give praise or give thanks… at end of meditation, remain in silence for a while. Immerse yourself in the space and joy of the Divine. – Gertrud Hirschi

Symbology of Fingers

Each finger symbolizes different qualities. The middle finger, ring and little finger represent the three classic qualities of all of nature (the Three Gunas). The middle finger symbolizes sattva (purity, wisdom and true understanding). The ring finger symbolizes rajas (activity and movement). And the little finger represents tamas (laziness or dullness).  The index finger represents the individual soul and the thumb represents the ultimate soul. The yogi is supposed to transcend these states, progressing from ignorance to wisdom. – Sinead McKiernan