Why Plan?: Creating Strategic Teaching Plans

Planning can bring some powerful benefits:

  1. You have the opportunity to take a higher and more strategic perspective, enabling you to delve more deeply into topics you love and/or progress through a series of related topics. This gives students who attend regularly the opportunity to focus in on a practice in a deeper or fuller way, likely experiencing greater impact. (But the progression of classes need not require previous attendance unless you specifically wish to offer such a series.)
  2. You must plan ahead of time and therefore have an opportunity to be mindful and responsive to the season, holidays and other considerations. (For example, be prepared to hold a workshop on Goddess mythology around the time of Navratri, or to hold a series on Restorative Yoga to cool and balance students during the heat of summer.)
  3. With advance planning, you can immerse yourself in the teaching ahead of time if you wish.
  4. With a predetermined focus, classes are less likely to feel stale, disjointed or too busy.
  5. You can condense your planning time into a few specific, focused times. If you rarely plan, your focus will pay dividends. And if you’re often trying to fit in mini-planning times, your advance planning of multiple classes means you can avoid the stress of feeling anxious about planning prior to every class.

And when your plans include workshops or a series of classes, you get these additional benefits:

  1. The opportunity to promote the upcoming focus, thereby encouraging current and new students to preregister.
  2. Students may be more inspired to attend regularly to experience the promised path of study.
  3. Series and workshops usually earn more per student and/or encourage more regular attendance, thereby generating additional revenue.