Your Signature Style: Creating Strategic Teaching Plans

Here we invite you to consider your signature style and how you like to vary your classes. This clarity may assist you in committing to certain consistent class elements (that can still always evolve over time) while also being able to narrow in on how you’d like to focus your intentions for future classes.


You may wish to visualize or write out a class that you would consider your “go-to” or “signature” class. This can be your primary structure, flow or approach, whether in terms of energetics, asana or other, Perhaps you think of this in the way you use your allotted class time (such as the time segments of class shown in the Studio & Class Logistics). Or you may have another way of thinking of your “typical” class.

Core Elements

Considering your signature class, you can visualize what you deem the core elements that are integral to defining and creating your classes. That is, what aspects do you wish to remain relatively consistent? This might include such aspects as:

  • Opening and closing rituals
  • The focus of a theme or peak pose
  • Chanting, music or silence
  • Anatomy or alignment focus
  • Yoga philosophy teaching
  • Hands-on offerings
  • Increasing silence toward Savasana
  • A closing meditation

Key Variants

Consider which class elements you wish to introduce vary or go more deeply into during your various classes, such as: