Simple Example: Creating Strategic Teaching Plans

Your plan may take into account the season or moon phase. It may focus on a timeline for progressively teaching philosophy topics such as the eight limbs or chakras; teaching the qualities of pose categories; or choosing breathing practices to meet particular purposes. For example, if you teach an evening restoratives class and are creating a plan for the month:

Month, Season & Dosha

  • September
  • Summer
  • Pitta

Holidays & Moons

  • Sep 1 Labor Day
  • Sep 8 Full Moon
  • Sep 23 New Moon
  • Sep 23 Autumnal Equinox
  • Sep 25-26 Rosh Hashana

Monthly Theme

  • Connection & Support

Weekly Focus

  1. Connecting w/Earth
  2. Connecting w/Self:  Inner Awareness
  3. Keeping Promises to Self
  4. Asking for Support

Class Practices

  1. Body Scan, Tense & Release
  2. Three-Part Breath
  3. Alternate Nostril Breath
  4. Bija Mantras
  5. Classic Restorative Poses
  6. Equinox Focus
  7. Meditation/Visualizations


  1. Abundance Meditation
  2. Connecting to the Universe
  3. Turning Body to Light
  4. Choosing Connection