Introduction: Class Planning: Workshops, Courses, Series

Here you will find support for creating a plan to progressively cover a topic through a series of classes or workshops. The classes can be tied together based on a philosophy or anatomy topic, an asana category, yoga tool such as pranayama, or many other themes.

Different From Planning One Class

This is different from planning one class. You’ll find deep support for planning a specific class throughout the site. This section does not duplicate that; rather, here we are providing planning support for choosing to teach particular topics over a series of classes in a strategic way.

Teach What You Know

Any topic you choose should, of course, be one that you have practiced for a long time.

How to Flexibly Use the Outlines Below

We have broken down each topic below into a relatively large number of sub-topics so that you can easily choose to cover each individually or to combine them. For instance, you can focus the first class of a series on an Introduction or Overview or you can combine the Introduction with the next sub-topic for your first class.

For example, you can cover the Yamas and Niyamas in 10 or fewer classes by covering one or more topics per class. Or you can feature them in 12 or more classes by including an introduction to the Sutras or Eight-Limbed Path or by creating a class not only for each of the last three Niyamas but also one on Kriya Yoga, for instance.