Making it Happen: Class Planning: Workshops, Courses, Series

We make it easier for you to plan workshops or series, which can help you to secure student commitments and extra revenue. We save you planning time so that you can go deeper into the areas where you add the most value. The world needs you to be sharing the inspirational teachings that you love to share!

Getting Started

  • Decide on series title and focus.
  • Even if you don’t plan specific workshops, you may wish to promote the benefits of your upcoming classes to encourage student commitment and attendance.
  • Plan location and dates.
  • Promote your upcoming offerings via your personal channels and co-promote with a studio, co-presenter or other partners.

Taking Reservations & Payments

The standard process for scheduling students and taking payment has been for a yoga studio to handle registration on behalf of their teachers. Phone and online registration via a studio has been, of course, the primary way that students have signed up for workshops for some time. And, of course, this is still a clear and simple option for many teachers who have studio connections.

In addition, some teachers may choose to handle their own online registration. It appears the tools to do so are increasing and we hope to learn more to share with you. Have you tried schedulicity? We are not familiar with it nor have we gotten teacher feedback but they seem to be targeting yoga teachers. Do you have other tools you use? We encourage you to ask your colleagues, test out a tool, and let us know what you think.