Book 1: Samadhi Pada (On Absorption): Yoga Sutras Structure & Overview

Book 1: Samadhi Pada (On Absorption)
  • 51 verses
  • Sutra 1: Beginning
  • Sutras 2-4: Yoga & the Alternative
  • Sutras 5-11: Activities of the Mind
  • Sutras 12-22: Practice, Non-Attachment & Samadhi
  • Sutras 23-29: Devotion to Ishvara
  • Sutras 30-39: Four Locks and Keys
  • Sutras 40-51: Samadhi

Defines Yoga & Discusses Problems

The first chapter defines Yoga and its characteristics and discusses the problems encountered in reaching the state of Yoga and the ways in which these problems can be handled. – T.K.V. Desikachar

Samadhi Is Essential Technique of Yoga

The first section deals with the general nature of Yoga and its technique. It is meant really to answer the question ‘What is Yoga?’ Since Samadhi is the essential technique of Yoga, naturally it occupies the most important position among the various topics dealt within this section. This section is, therefore, called Samadhi Pada – I.K. Taimni

What Samadhi Is In A Conceptual Way & The Routes & Roadblocks

Samadhi Pada is like a road map of the yogic process, showing us the big picture of what samadhi is in a general, conceptual way. It lays out the routes that we can take to get there and also shows us what the roadblocks are. In doing this, the first pada introduces us to the profound concepts that underlie all of what will come later in the book as we move through the four padas. – Alan Finger & Wendy Newton

This Chapter Is Not For All

[The Samadhi Pada] is meant for people who have reached a certain level of spiritual development. It is clearly explained that this chapter is not for all, but for those who have reached the stage of development where they maintain an even attitude in all circumstances. – B.K.S. Iyengar

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