Book 2: Sadhana Pada (On Practice): Yoga Sutras Structure & Overview

Book 2 Sadhana Pada (On Practice)
  • 55 verses
  • Sutras 1-2: Kriya Yoga
  • Sutras 3-11: Kleshas
  • Sutras 12-14: Karma Yoga
  • Sutras 15-27: Jnana Yoga
  • Sutras 28-34: Ashtanga Yoga + Pratipaksha bhavana
  • Sutras 35-39: Yama
  • Sutras 40-45: Niyama
  • Sutras 46-55: Hatha Yoga

Meant For Beginners

[The Sadhana Pada] is meant for those who have not begun their spiritual development, or who are just beginning. – B.K.S. Iyengar

From Distraction to Attention

The second chapter is called sadhanapada. It describes the qualities necessary to change the mind effectively and gradually from a state of distraction to one of attention and why these qualities are important and what the practice of them entails. – T.K.V. Desikachar

Getting Real

After laying out the basics of yoga in the first pada, [Patanjali] begins to “get real” in the second pada. In the Sadhana Pada, Patanjali explores life as it is as the central aspect of the teaching, offering the idea that insights from life can help extend the brief moments of clarity. – Richard Freeman

Moving Us Forward, But Not Necessarily a Linear Process

Pada 2, the second leg holding up the body of yoga, provides us with sadhana. It gives us information and direction on how to be in the world in a way that helps us respond consciously to the challenges created by karma, rather than reacting from the limited perspective of the mind with all its patterns and beliefs. Sadhana is a dynamic process that focuses our actions and move us forward but is not necessarily linear. – Alan Finger & Wendy Newton

Encouraging the Reunion of Consciousness

Book II will reveal the practices and experiences that encourage the reunion of Consciousness. – Nischala Joy Devi

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