Introduction: Building Business & Revenue Streams

In this lesson, we consider the variety of ways to build teaching experience and create revenue streams via different teaching formats and opportunities.


  • To build your experience, consider working in non-traditional settings, volunteering, or assisting senior teachers.
  • Aside from studios and gyms, options include: donation-based classes, private sessions, and corporate or university-based classes paid for by the organization.
  • Creating ways to earn passive and residual income is a key component of an effective business.

Getting Experience

To build experience, consider the following.

  • Gym:  Often, getting a job at a gym is easier than at a yoga studio.
  • Non -Traditional Location:  Starting a class anywhere you have connections can help build your experience: your workplace, climbing gym, your children’s camp or martial arts’ studio, your local co-op or yoga apparel store, an outdoor class for your neighbors, etc. See also: 10 Places to Teach Yoga Besides the Studio
  • Assist Senior Teachers: This is arguably the ideal way to learn.
  • Substitute Teach: Many teachers and studios are in need of reliable subs and as long as you remind them you’re available and follow through, this can be an excellent way to build experience and connections.
  • Volunteer: Many yoga outreach programs exist now and are doing amazing work in the world. If you aren’t yet packed full with your own classes, this is a perfect time to earn experience while giving back.