More Considerations: Building Business & Revenue Streams

Setting Up Online Scheduling

There are a ton of scheduling options to choose from and each of the top software programs have their own focus and set of features… Most online schedulers have free trials available and sales teams that will even give you a guided tour if you ask. Start by making a list of things you know you want to be able to do. Some examples:

  • Accept payments
  • Sell memberships
  • Sell physical products
  • Book classes
  • Book appointments
  • Register people for workshops
  • Register people for event series (ie. teacher trainings)
  • Manage staff and payroll
  • Coordinate different people’s availability
  • Send automated email reminders
  • Send automated text reminders

– How to use your website to offer online scheduling to your students

Success as a Byproduct of Practice

Nothing could be more disingenuous than convincing people that creating a mentality of abundance, or a cadre of social media profiles, leads to prosperity in the yoga profession… Despite honest efforts to distill and make it more practical, the dark art of making money has always been elusive… Everyone I know who is managing to make their way in the yoga profession is doing so not because they have mastered an abundance mentality that is allowing them to manifest their dreams. Almost always, being a yoga professional was not the original intent. They started out just wanting to practice and find themselves… Being effective in business does require smart strategy, and teachers are wise to seek the counsel of others. But successful careers in yoga are a byproduct of practice more than an attainable goal. – J. Brown

Recruiting & Teaching New Students

Why compete for the same yoga students when you can teach the billions of people who have yet to try yoga? Yes…there are 7 billion people on the planet. And how many of those actually do yoga? Not a whole lot! Those people are waiting to try yoga and waiting for you to teach them. Doctors are recommending yoga to their patients for relief from back pain and stress. Athletes and the elderly are waiting for someone to introduce them to yoga safely. If you want to succeed, both newer and veteran teachers alike must constantly nurture a steady flow of brand new students… Having a beginner series provides an entry point for a brand new student to come into your world. – Amy Ippoliti, Prana