Planning Retreats: Building Business & Revenue Streams

The following article is brief, pointing out a few bottom-line priorities when organizing a retreat that apply to many planned experiences beyond a class.  It doesn’t teach how to make this happen but highlights key results necessary for success.

Planning Retreats & Other Experiences

People who book retreats are looking for more than just an expanded yoga timetable, or an organized set of activities. They are looking for an experience. Not only that, you can bet your bottom dollar that relaxation and a ‘letting go’ of everyday life are among their top goals when they arrive. The logistics, administration, and all communication connected with your event are therefore crucial. We can’t emphasize this enough. The experience needs to be totally painless for your guests – from the moment they confirm their booking to the point you wave them off into the sunset. – yoginomics

A Key to Retreat Success: Quiet Time

It is in moments of silence — not activity — that we develop character. – Bobby Powers


During a retreat it is the quiet times that our clients take in all that they have been learning and experiencing. It is in these moments that their transformation is realized. So how do you support a well rounded experience for your clients? Easy peasy lemon squeezy, you leave space and time for your clients during every day for this to happen. Yes, it can be that simple! Avoid overfilling days with content and/or activities. Let your clients wander freely, take naps, have those precious moments of time to absorb all that you have been pouring into them. This also allows time for you to rest and or prepare for the next portion of your retreat. – Michelle Bourdeau

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