For Experienced Teachers: Building Business & Revenue Streams

How the “Superstars” Make a Lot of Money

A handful of instructors have reached superstar status, truly living the dream and raking in the cash. In fact, Ava Taylor—owner of the first ever yoga talent agency, YAMA Talent—says she has clients who make roughly $400,000 a year. (Nope, that’s not a typo.) According to Taylor, live appearances make up the biggest bucket of revenue. These can be educational (like giving a conference lecture on anatomy or philosophy) or entertaining (such as teaching at a big festival). Ever wonder how much those instructors at Wanderlust are making? “Someone who is successful in the live event space can make between $5,000 and $10,000 a weekend,” Taylor reveals. That said, these types of events aren’t happening all the time—Taylor’s high-end clients can usually only depend on them once a month…

“All my clients who are making $400,000 [a year], it took them 10 or 15 years to get there,” the agent notes. “They did their time teaching to half-full rooms or making $4 a class.” – Emily Laurence

Revenue sources for “superstars” include:

  • Live Appearances: Education
  • Live Appearances: Teaching and Entertainment
  • Books
  • Endorsements
  • Teacher trainings
  • Creating content for online classes
  • Merchandise