Introduction: Marketing Your Yoga Business

  • Do you have a tendency toward engaging in marketing only when you think of it, or only when you have few classes or low attendance? Consider, instead, to make marketing a regular practice.
  • You may wish to focus less on clever naming and more on identifying the feeling and experience that your classes or studio provide students.

Focus on a Regular—Daily if Possible—Marketing Process

Just as breath control gives you greater flexibility in your yoga postures, controlling your marketing will give your business greater flexibility, energy and resilience. There are going to be lean times and there are going to be times when your classes are packed, mat to mat. In both cases you should still be focusing on a regular, daily if possible, marketing process. It could be as simple as updating your Facebook page or website with new class information, or writing an email to your subscribers and students informing them of an upcoming workshop or weekend retreat. A packed class one week does not guarantee the same attendance the next. Just as one deep breath does not guarantee a relaxed and clear state of mind. Unfortunately, many new yoga teachers fall into the trap of only thinking about marketing when their classes are empty. That’s a bit like only thinking about warm up stretches after you’ve pulled a muscle. – Jules Barber

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