Email Marketing: Marketing Your Yoga Business

  • Build your email list with opt-in offers in both real-world and online locations.
  • Opt-in offers can be free information, a discounted service or other.
  • Other ways to build your email list include webinars and guest blogging. The key in every venue is to include the call to action.
  • When a call to action brings the person to your website or social media platform, ensure they are directed to an appropriate landing page and/or immediate access to a simple sign-up.
  • Consistently reach out to your list, perhaps every two weeks.
  • Provide value in every email through such tactics as offering discounts and/or providing timely information about upcoming events or seasonal support.
  • Consider various subject lines to increase interest and open rates.
  • Study the latest SPAM filter guidance to avoid your email ending up in junk mail. (See quote below for some ideas.) And make a note reminding readers to add your email address to their address book to ensure your emails show in their inbox.

Building Your List

Ideas for building your email list include:

  • Provide an opt-in offer on your business card or flyer that you hand out and leave at studios, events and other community gathering locations.
  • Provide an opt-in via social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo etc. The opt-in offer can be offered on a free social media site and/or through advertising. Advertising includes options for promoting a post on Facebook or pin on Pinterest, for example.
  • An opt-in offer can be for free information such as a sequence for stress relief, mudras for energy, or a 10-minute guided meditation, for instance. Or an opt-in offer may be a discounted service such as a private session, class, event, or other related service from you or another community service-provider.
  • Another way to build your email list is to provide an article or blog for a site that reaches your market. Be sure to include a call to action.
  • Webinars can draw people who resonate with your message while providing face-to-face interaction with your targeted community and a way to present yourself and your services. Namastream recommends Google Hangouts for an inexpensive webinar and gives more advice here.


The Incredible Value of Your Email List

Having an email list is your direct channel to communicate with those who are connecting to your message, be it existing students or new ones. A potential student only needs to come to your website once, for you to have the opportunity to begin connecting with her through email. From this one visit to your website, you can begin to build a relationship with her. And who knows what can come of that connection for both parties. We created both the Namastream software platform and the Soulful MBA training community as solutions to the expressed needs of those on our email list. Listen to those on your list, ask them questions, dig deep, and then serve them what they are asking you for. – Namastream

Decreasing Chances of Being Filtered by SPAM

There are certain things you do that increase your risk of being filtered by SPAM. For example, if you are using lots of punctuation in your titles you may be at risk of getting sent to Trash. Excessive exclamation points, question marks, dashes, dollar signs, etc are all controlled. When in doubt, go with very few punctuation marks and resist the urge to end your subject line with a plethora of !!!!!! Another way you can get SPAM filtered is by including more images than words. For whatever reason, some email providers do not like this. In this case, try to include fewer images or use smaller images. Finally, have your subscribers ‘white list’ your email. This means instructing them to log into their email and adding your email address to their contact list. This reduces your chances of being accidentally sent to SPAM. – Jules Barber