Continuing Education Requirements: Business Insurance & Continuing Education

Basic Facts

  • Yoga Alliance does not certify yoga teachers, nor does it provide accreditation of trainers or training schools. Yoga Alliance does not assess or certify teaching competency. It provides a registry, which is a list.
  • Neither teachers nor trainers are required to be registered with Yoga Alliance or any other organization.
  • Teaching and studio insurance may be obtained without Yoga Alliance (or any other) registration.
  • Learn much more here: Registration, Certification, Accreditation: Why You Don’t Need to Pay the Yoga Alliance Fees.
  • The following information concerns Yoga Alliance requirements for teachers.
  • For trainers, see our detailed material in Teacher Trainer Administration.

Contact Yoga Alliance to Verify

  • Here we’ve summarized and combined information from multiple pages on the Yoga Alliance website so that you can easily see the requirements at a glance, particularly for non-contact hours.
  • For more information or if you’re submitting your continuing ed information to Yoga Alliance, please verify that their requirements haven’t changed.

Yoga Alliance Registry Separate from Yoga Therapy

  • For information on the 2016 changes to YA registry as they particularly concern Yoga Therapy, see here.

YA Continuing Ed Requirements for RYTs


  • Every three years starting from the initial date of registration with YA, RYTs must submit a minimum of 45 hours of yoga teaching and 30 hours of yoga training.
  • RYTs are required to submit a written reflection or evaluation of each activity, to demonstrate what was learned and how it relates to the educational categories and CE Requirements.

30 Hours of Yoga Training

Defining Contact Hours

  • An in-person classroom hour in the physical presence of a qualified Continuing Education Provider.
  • Examples of acceptable CE Contact Hour activities include: yoga teacher training, workshops, courses at a college, and discussion or study groups.

Defining Non-Contact Hours

  • Learning outside of the classroom, without qualified CE Provider present
  • Must be directly related to one of the five YA Educational Categories
  • Earned by completing one hour of any of the following activities.

Non-Contact Hour Activities

  • Reading a book or article, or watching a video that deepens your yoga practice and/or understanding,
  • Being a student participant in a webinar or taking an online or correspondence course,
  • Receiving remote mentoring,
  • Authoring yoga books, articles, videos or other media for public dissemination (e.g., in newsletters, CDs, DVDs, newspapers, magazines, online, etc.)*, and
  • Creating class materials for distribution to students.