Themes & Visualizations: Restorative Yoga Part 2

Protecting the Mind

Choosing thoughts protects the mind from its tendency to ruminate. Select from these options:

More Ideas

  1. Teach a body scan and/or tense and release body parts.
  2. Practice silent or verbal mantras such as Om, Sat Nam, So Hum, Om Shanti Om, or Om Mani Padme Hum.
  3. See Koshas for information on using this model in teaching.
  4. See Hands-On for wonderful ways to support students.
  5. In addition, compression is a movement type that is considered deeply therapeutic but is not typically an aspect of yoga. It is a part of Thai massage. Thai techniques are often incredibly well-received. Examples include pressure on feet and lines between toes, pressure along energy lines of legs and arms, and pressure points in head. Depending upon your focus and experience, you might consider taking an introductory course with a good teacher.