Hands On: Restorative Yoga Part 2

Prop & Alignment Assisting in Restoratives

To correct setup when a part of body is unsupported or out of alignment.

  1. Observe student, looking first for overall alignment, comfort and ability to relax.
  2. In many poses, looking for elements of Tadasana alignment will enable the nervous system to relax. In other cases, such as a supported backbend, alignment such as forehead, nose and chin forming a gradual diagonal line will ensure ease in pose.
  3. Look also for places where limbs are unsupported or at an uneven height.

Touch for Relaxation Head, Neck & Face

To help student further release…let go…and sink into relaxation:

  • Basic touch, gentle massage or Thai massage can help student further deepen her breath and soften into the pose.
  • New teachers or those with little experience in this area can prevent student discomfort by gaining further practice and mentorship before utilizing touch.
  • Intention, confidence and energy management are critical to ensure touch doesn’t aggravate nervous system, causing student to feel vulnerable or anxious.