Cautions: Sacroiliac / SI Joints Anatomy, Pain & Issues

  1. Twists done forcibly can lead to SI joint instability.
  2. Acute SI joint injury may take a long time to heal.
  3. It’s important to differentiate SI joint dysfunction from other types of back pain because the suggested practices are different.

Take Caution with “Hot Sacrum”

If there is a tear in a ligament, it will take a long time to heal because of poor circulation to the area. Unfortunately, once you injure the area, you are likely to reinjure it again, especially if you maintain an advanced yoga practice and ignore your body’s pain signals. We say that a student has a “hot sacrum” if her SI joints are sensitive and prone to injury. Folks like that will have to modify their yoga practice dramatically while they are in the healing stage, otherwise they will keep reinjuring it and turn it into a chronic problem. – Olga Kabel