Hip Extensors: Hip Strengthening Exercises to Prepare for Asana



  1. Begin in Marjaryasana (Cat / Table Pose).
  2. Keep hands on floor and lift only one leg.
  3. Keep knee straight and foot only 6-12 inches above buttocks.
  4. Back of pelvis should remain level with floor and supporting thigh remain still.

Hip Extension

Analysis of this motion is deceptive, since lumbar flexion accompanies hip extension and accounts for half the motion (15 degrees). The major muscles performing hip extension are the hamstrings and the gluteus maximum. The gluteus maximus is a potentially powerful hip muscle that also externally rotates the hip. It attaches along the outer portion of the femur and connects through fascia to the iliotibial band of the tensor fascia lata (TFL), which also assists in knee extension. – Mukunda Stiles