Yin vs Yang Versions: Yin Yoga Poses & Sequences

  • Yin Yoga teachers (including Sarah Powers) typically use different, Yin Yoga-specific names for poses that are similar to those in yang styles, presumably to indicate the difference in practice. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose), for example, is usually called Seal Pose in Yin Yoga, where it is typically set up with arms wider and more forward.
  • When viewed as an image, many Yin Yoga poses will appear the same or similar to their yang counterpart. Much of the difference in how a pose is practiced in Yin Yoga may be more of a felt sense than a visible one.
  • However, one visible difference could be a lack of muscular engagement in Yin Yoga.
  • In a few cases, poses in Yin Yoga (such as Yin Frog) look different from the more common asana called by that name.