Sequencing: Yin Yoga Poses & Sequences

Sequencing in General

Sequencing Yin Yoga poses is similar to sequencing poses in general. See these lessons:

  1. Asana Categories Summary & Highlights
  2. Class Elements, Techniques, Tools & Practices
  3. Sequencing Fundamentals & Guidelines
  4. Choosing & Arranging Poses
  5. Segmenting Your Class
  6. Sequencing & Pacing to Balance Energy

Complementary Poses & Stretches

Most students will find a rhythmic warm-up supportive in preparing them to relax into long hold poses. The following resources can help you to design or choose complementary poses and stretches. (For Stretches & Flows, be sure to use the quick menu at the top to navigate through Hip Flexor Stretches, Hamstring Stretches, Outer Hip Stretches and so on.)

  1. Stretches & Flows: Hips & Legs
  2. Stretches & Flows: Back & Side-Waist
  3. Stretches & Flows: Shoulders, Upper Torso
  4. Stretches & Flows: Neck, Wrists, Ankles
  5. Sequences to Accommodate Conditions
  6. Gentle Sequences (Sequence Finder – Select Style: Gentle or Restorative)

Sample Yin Sequences

For sample yin sequences, go to the Sequence Finder and select Style: Yin.