Pronunciation: Sanskrit Study & Teaching Tips

Before using Sanskrit in your teaching, practice the pronunciation out loud. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it makes what was previously out of reach possible. The more you practice, the more likely you will feel confident enough to use Sanskrit with students.


The 13 vowels include short and long (drawn out or 2-beat) pronunciations.

  • a — “uh” (as in “another”).
  • á — “ahhh” (as in father but with 2 beats)
  • For example, the word ásana in Sanskrit has a bar over the first a, and not over the second and third.
  • i — “i” (as in “pin”).
  • í — “eee” (as in need but with 2 beats)
  • u — “ooh” (as in “flute” while others say it’s pronounced as in “put”)
  • ú — “ooooh” (as in “mood” with 2 beats)
  • e — “ay” (2 beats)
  • o — “oh” (2 beats)
  • ai — as in “aisle” (2 beats)
  • au — “ow” (2 beats)

Instructional Guide

See below for a 20-minute instructional guide: