Summary: Prana Vayus

PRANA VAYUENERGETIC: Energizing, Inward Movement
EXAMPLES: Eating, Inhaling, Receiving Sensory Input, Emotions, Ideas
PRACTICES: Pranayama, Meditation
IN MOVEMENT: Governs All Movement, Particularly Forward
UDANA VAYUENERGETIC: Ascending, Upward Movement
EXAMPLES: Circulation of Nutrients, Oxygen, Mental Activity; Exercise Capacity
LOCATION: Neck, Throat
PRACTICES: Mantra, Chanting, Upward Directed Poses, Standing Poses
IN MOVEMENT: Governs Upward Movement, Extending Spine, Speech
VYANA VAYUENERGETIC: Expanding, Outward Movement
EXAMPLES: Exhalation, Speech, Will
LOCATION: Chest, Heart, Arms
PRACTICES: Poses that Expand, Extend
IN MOVEMENT: Governs Outward Extension, esp Arms & Legs
SAMANA VAYUENERGETIC: Contracting, Consolidating
EXAMPLES: Absorption of Food, Breath, Impressions, Thoughts
PRACTICES: Sitting Poses, Stabilization
IN MOVEMENT: Governs Contractions of Arms & Legs & Holding Sitting Posture
APANA VAYUENERGETIC: Descending, Stabilizing
EXAMPLES: Excretion, Urination, Reproduction, Immune System Support
LOCATION: Lower Abdomen
PRACTICES: Prone & Inverted Postures
IN MOVEMENT: Governs Downward Movement, Support & GroundingSee this 4-minute video of Leslie Kaminoff describing the value of Apanasana for stimulating apana