Vayus & Asana: Prana Vayus

Asana Should Maintain Center of Energy in Navel

Generally, all asana should maintain the center of energy in the navel because the purpose of asana practice is to develop stability (samana) and calm on a physical level. Samana keeps all the pranas in harmony and is responsible for their nourishment. – Dr. David Frawley & Sandra Summerfield Kozak

The following information is drawn from the excellent, clearly written book, Yoga for Your Type 2001 by Dr David Frawley and Sandra Summerfield Kozak.

Udana / Apana — Ascending / Descending

  • Udana represents force of rising up, apana of sitting down
  • What increases udana usually decreases apana and vice versa
  • Raising arms up overhead is powered by udana
  • “Inverted poses can increase udana dramatically, particularly Headstand because these bring pressure into the upper part of the body. They also counter apana.” (Yoga for your Type 2001 p 247)

Vyana / Samana — Expansion / Contraction

  • Vyana is the force of the blood moving away from heart, samana of blood returning
  • What increases vyana usually decreases samana and vice versa
  • Backbends are expanding & stimulating, powered by vyana
  • Forward bends are contracting & calming, representing samana
  • Twists bring vyana & samana into balance

For information on sequencing based on vayus and other factors, see Sequencing to Balance Energy.