Overview: Skillful Teaching

  1. Skillful teaching does not sacrifice the basics in favor of complexity or uniqueness. This includes embracing repetition.
  2. With asana, a skilled teacher acknowledges the need for a balance of effort and ease, strength and openness.
  3. A skillful teacher has honed her teaching objective to one thing that she can adequately teach in the time allowed.
  4. A skilled teacher invites challenge while making teachings accessible.
  5. Good teachers mindfully choose their words for clarity and effectiveness.
  6. Knowing your asana sequence in your body before teaching will help you to teach it more effectively.
  7. An excellent teacher allows pauses in teaching for students to process and go inward, and she watches to see if the teaching has been assimilated before giving another instruction.
  8. Teachers reach their potential by uncovering their authentic voice.
  9. Excellent teachers adapt or change a class plan to effectively respond to a particular situation.
  10. Good teachers don’t spout all they know about a topic, but rather teach based on what they see in students.
  11. Skillful teachers individualize teachings for various student needs.