Practice Your Delivery

Practice refining your technique, considering these recommendations:

  1. Speak slowly and concisely. On expert advises that teachers speak “in sound bytes.”
  2. Avoid trying to say too much or telling a story that hasn’t been thought out.
  3. End sentences succinctly as opposed to letting your voice trail off, or making a statement sound as if it is a question.
  4. Just as with all aspects of teaching, be grounded and present (embodied). While teaching, periodically become aware of your breath, your body, your thoughts, your voice.
  5. Consider the feeling-tone of your theme. Is it light, somber, joyful? Endeavor to support the feeling with your verbal pacing, body language and tone. For a theme of connection, for example, feel the energy of connection to your students, your sangha, and the divine. Feel that energy in your body and allow it to you influence where you gaze and how you move and speak.