Kleshas Introduction

Kleshas Introduction

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we introduce kleshas, known as obstacles or veils.


Become grounded in the teachings of kleshas, a foundation of yoga philosophy.


Translate the word, “klesha.” Provide a more specific definition for avidya than “ignorance.” Define asmitaragadvesha and abhinivesha. Provide the “initial and pertinent question” that is answered by the philosophy of kleshas. Explain which of the kleshas are intellectual obstacles and which are emotional. Explain why the veils may thicken over our innate wisdom.


Yoga Foundational Philosophies-Yoga Foundational Philosophies-Vocabulary

  1. Abhinivesha — Fear of death
  2. Asmita —Egoism
  3. Avidya — Misapprehension
  4. Dvesha —Aversion
  5. Klesha — Obstacle or veil
  6. Raga — Attachment