Body Positivity + Larger Bodies

Body Positivity, Acceptance, Larger Bodies, Body Dysmorphia

Body Positivity, Acceptance, Larger Bodies, Body Dysmorphia

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we explore non-judgment, body acceptance, and other aspects of having a body-positive experience.


Be aware of perspectives and actions that can help to support students in having a body-positive experience.


Discuss the intention of setting a space of non-judgment and body acceptance. Consider how a teacher can authentically model body positivity, self-love and acceptance, and the opportunity that yoga provides to develop a healthy relationship with body and mind. Explore how to foster a safe, non-competitive environment and the role of community. Understand how trauma-sensitive teaching offers effective tools and strategies for supporting body acceptance. Explore considerations related to attention and touch with students who have larger bodies. Define body dysmorphia and describe characteristic beliefs and behaviors.