Balancing & Arm Balance

Balancing & Arm Balance

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we examine balancing poses as a category, and ways to apply this knowledge in teaching.


Become proficient in the nature and effects of balancing poses, and considerations for wisely teaching and sequencing them.


Explain why we practice balance poses. Describe five types of balance poses and give examples for each. Provide the general physical effects and energetic effects of balance poses. Name three essentials to the practice of balancing. Define drishti and explain why it helps in balancing. Provide teaching tips to help students manage their thoughts and attitude around balancing practice and provide options for a student having trouble balancing. Describe ways to add challenge to a balancing practice and general considerations related to sequencing balancing poses. Provide a list of poses that may serve as alternatives or preparation for arm balancing; a list of arm balancing poses; and a list of other balancing poses.