Twists1Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we examine twisting poses as a category, and ways to apply this knowledge in teaching.


Become proficient in the nature and effects of twisting poses, and considerations for wisely teaching and sequencing them.


Define spinal twisting, explain why we practice twists, and describe types of twists and examples for each. List contraindications and describe general physical and energetic effects of twists. Explain why twisting is one of the major culprits in sacroiliac (SI) joint pain and how experts recommend practicing twists in order to keep SI joints safe. Learn the conditions under which it’s advisable to practice only gentle twisting and explain why we keep the spine long while twisting. Describe breath-related teachings to accompany twisting practice and common tendencies for over- and under-working parts of the spine during twists. Describe sequencing considerations and provide a list of twisting poses.