Apanasana (Knees to Chest)


Ardha Apanasana)
Ardha Apanasana)



“pavana” = wind

“mukta” = to liberate or to free

Wind-Relieving Pose


  • Knees to Chest
  • Also known as: Moving Outwards and Eliminating Force Posture
  • Some sources refer to this pose as Apanasanaand others call it Pavanmuktasana.
  • Other sources designate Pavanmuktasanaas the name for drawing in one knee and Apanasana as the name for drawing in both.
  • Pavanmuktasanais also the name given to a joint freeing series used in yoga therapy.

Heart of Pose

  • Forward Bend


This pose celebrates Vayu, the Lord of the Wind. (Vayu is a synonym for pavana, and both are associated with prana.) In the Vedas, Vayu is the deified wind, or the breath of the gods… When we practice Pavanmuktasana, we affect the pranic body, particularly the pranamaya kosha or energy sheath. – Rama Jyoti Vernon

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