Samskaras, Vasanas, Habits

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, we introduce and explore samskarasvasanas and habits, and how yoga purifies negative karmic impressions.


Explore the Yoga Sutra’s teachings on the importance of samskaras and vasanas, including how they are formed, why they are important, and yogic principles that help to purify and eliminate negative karmic impressions.


Define samskara and vasana and explain the practical implications. Translate the yoga sutras that include the topic of samskara. Define “habit” and its relationship to samskara. Describe how yoga helps to uncover and purify samskaras.

Questions Answered Here

  1. Succinctly describe samskaras and their importance.
  2. Explain key concepts related to the definitions of samskara.
  3. Are samskaras negative?
  4. Define vasana.
  5. How are samskaras and vasanas differentiated?
  6. What are some practical implications related to samskaras?
  7. Which of the yoga sutras include the topic of samskaras?
  8. Define “habit” and its relationship to samskara.
  9. Describe the effect of habits in a nutshell.
  10. What is a differentiating result of consciously chosen habits?
  11. How does yoga help to uncover and purify samskaras?