Objectives at a Glance

1.   Adaptation Principles

Understand the difference between adaptation vs. generic teachings vs. therapeutics and become aware of adaptation principles that can serve as a foundation from which to base your decisions.

2.   Trauma Informed Teaching

Become familiar with foundational considerations related to trauma-sensitive teaching and review specific tactics for promoting emotional and psychological safety in the classroom.

3.   Working with Pain

Learn how to apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology and yoga tools to work effectively with students experiencing pain, and to wisely choose tools to support them.

4.   About Pregnancy & Yoga

Understand when and how to accommodate a pregnant student in a drop-in class.

5.   Pregnancy Cautions

Be aware of how to safely accommodate pregnant students in a general class and when it’s advisable to refer students to Prenatal Yoga.

6.   Beginners Intro

In this lesson, we introduce considerations for teaching students new to Hatha Yoga practices.

7.   Mixed Level Classes

Understand the challenges in effectively teaching a mixed-levels class and review suggestions for overcoming them.