Objectives at a Glance

Teaching Methodology Foundations

Become familiar with the scope and range of foundational skill sets for effective yoga teaching.

Defining & Teaching Alignment

Understand the goal and priorities of teaching alignment and how to empower students to learn alignment “from the inside.”

General Alignment Principles

Learn to prioritize spinal positioning, a proper foundation and “stacking” bones, and become familiar with the concepts of moving from the core and using knowledge of muscle pairs during practice.

Choosing Cues

Be clear that no alignment teaching will work for all students while exploring cues that may work in a reasonably broad set of situations, plus cues that may be problematic.

Adjustment & Assisting Guidelines

Establish a foundation for decision-making and proficient techniques for assisting an individual student, whether verbally, energetically or physically.

Mindful Asana Transitions

Become proficient in teaching mindful asana transitions.

Space & Logistics Checklist

Be aware of a number of logistical and timing considerations to attend to before class, during class, and after class ends, plus considerations for obtaining student feedback.