Injuries & Conditions: Wrist Issues

Questions Answered Here

  1. What are some potential causes for wrist pain?
  2. How can posture and habits contribute to wrist issues?
  3. If there is wrist pain or soreness, what is the typical advisement regarding weight-bearing poses?
  4. What are some poses that put significant pressure on wrists?
  5. When pain has subsided, describe a gradual approach of returning to full practice.
  6. What simple readiness test can be used before engaging in practices that require 90 degree wrist extension?
  7. How is alignment in the upper body related to wrist issues?
  8. How can increasing strength and mobility of shoulders and upper back help with wrist issues?
  9. Describe alignment points for weight-bearing asana.
  10. Where can you review stretches to help with range of motion in the wrists?
  11. Where can you review alternatives and adaptations for poses such as Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose) and Plank Pose?
  12. Where can you review a sequence for those with wrist issues?
  13. Related to wrist issues is shoulder and upper back care. Where can you study this topic?