Viloma: Exhale/Inhale Interruption

Viloma pranayama can be practiced sitting or lying down and is a great technique for those new to yoga breathing techniques.

The meaning of the word

‘Vi’ means against, Loma means hair; Viloma means against the natural flow. Viloma is an interrupted breathing technique where you pause briefly during your breath. This pranayama gently introduces the concept of expanding the length of the breath and lung capacity.


There are three variations of this pranayama.

  1. Interrupted inhalation
  2. Interrupted exhalation
  3. Interrupted inhalation & exhalation

Benefits of Viloma Pranayama

  • Improves control of your breath and movement of air within your body
  • Helps you cool down after an active yoga class
  • Helps to relieve anxiety
  • Helps to relieve tension from PMS

Some tips when practicing Viloma Pranayama

  • When giving this pranayama a go, try to really be aware of the movement of breath in your body.
  • It can be nice to target a different ‘area’ of your lungs after each pause or interruption. Really try to control the movement of air in your body.
  • Keep your breathing relaxed and soft. Try to avoid ‘grasping’ for breath focusing on keeping the quality of the breath gentle.