Sacroiliac / SI Joints Anatomy, Pain & Issues

In this lesson, we explore the significant topic of sacroiliac joints including anatomy, issues and teaching considerations.


Become familiar with sacroiliac joint anatomy and associated issues plus be prepared to support students in preventing, relieving or accommodating SI joint issues.


Explain where the sacroiliac (SI) joints are located and the significance of the ligaments surrounding them. Describe how the relationship between the sacrum and pelvis are different when standing vs. sitting and how this affects the SI joints. Describe the functions of the SI joints, how pregnancy impacts them, and the primary symptom associated with SI dysfunction. Note the populations who have increased susceptibility to SI joint problems and describe the particular way in which practicing twists can lead to SI joint instability. Explain why it’s important to differentiate SI joint issues from other types of back pain and how SI dysfunction is typically differentiated from other conditions. Explain the conditions under which the pelvis and sacrum may move in opposite directions. Provide some potential approaches to address SI joint pain and considerations when practicing asana. Name the types of poses that are often avoided in the case of SI joint issues; poses that might help; and pose adaptations to consider.