Breathing Foundations

Objectives for this Course

Breath Teaching Cautions

Become clear on the cautions related to practicing pranayama and best practices for teaching about the breath, including teaching to beginners.

Healthy & Restricted Breathing

Become knowledgeable about the power of the breath to affect physiology and emotions, and the causes and effects of breathing issues, including reverse/paradoxical breathing and chest breathing.

Natural Effortless Breathing

Become proficient in the hallmarks and benefits of natural breathing and ways to promote conditions for an effortless breath.

Basic Breath Training

Understand the difference between unconscious and conscious breathing and techniques for guiding students in conscious breathing that slows their breathing rate and expands respiratory capacity. 

Yogic Breathing

Understand the differences between clavicular, thoracic and diaphragmatic breathing and become knowledgeable about conscious exhalation and diaphragmatic rib cage breathing.

Pranayama Teaching Foundations

Understand the parts of the breath cycle, what is necessary for safely teaching kumbhaka, and which practices serve different energetic purposes.