Self Inquiry: Introduction

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Here we support you in the vital practice of internal dialogue. We offer many self-inquiry questions to help bring clarity to your vision. We’ve gathered up a ton of different perspectives here; you needn’t answer every question! Pick the ones that most serve you.

The purpose in such a practice is to get to your True Nature, your authentic self… to get to the why so that you can set objectives that are rooted in self-knowledge, purpose and passion, rather than guilt, shame or fear. Therefore, before embarking on the self-inquiry practice, create a sacred space or ritual and engage in a brief personal practice:

  1. Do a brief practice of asanapranayama, chanting and/or meditation.
  2. You may wish to practice a meditation specifically designed for self-inquiry. Rod Stryker’s book, The Four Desires, is full of such practices. And Sally Kempton has a brief meditation here.
  3. Consider, also, a forgiveness practice and intention to release the past.
  4. You may then wish to set a personal intention to connect with your authentic self.

Self-Inquiry & Svadhyaya

Self-inquiry is illuminated in the sacred text The Yoga Vashista. It is the practice of having an internal dialogue with yourself and the process of inquiring into your true nature. Self-study (svadhyayais the related process of examining your behaviors, habits, and patterns so that you can cultivate self-awareness. An efficient yoga practice helps you amplify the resilience and grace it takes to fiercely move toward what serves you and away from what and whom does not. Self-inquiry and self-study practices are key pieces to uplevel your discernment and help to develop the higher aspects of your mind by connecting you with your internal GPS. They teach you to trust yourself. – Tracee Stanley

Start with Forgiveness & Releasing the Past

As the year draws to a close, you might be thinking about how to start the New Year free and clear. One of the most powerful ways to do that is to practice forgiveness. Forgiveness releases you from the past and it changes your future. It’s time to forgive yourself for what you’ve done, and what you haven’t done. Ok, so maybe you didn’t hit the goals you set for [the previous year] but there could be valid reasons why… Without forgiveness, your energy remains tied up in the past and you keep recreating it. Where your focus goes is where your energy flows. You have to stop giving up your energy to the past to start creating the future you want. – Gloria Latham