Self Inquiry

Questions Answered Here

  1. A person who lacks vision reacts to the world and whatever appears to be most pressing. That is, he lives someone else’s priorities. Where must attention be focused in order to develop authentic vision and live one’s own priorities?
  2. Describe how science supports the declaration that in the future, we will be more disappointed by things we didn’t do than by the things we did.
  3. What is the purpose of self-inquiry?
  4. Before embarking on a self-inquiry practice, what can you do to increase the likelihood that you will accomplish the purpose of the exercise?
  5. What key questions may be enough to move you forward?
  6. Describe up to 40 questions and journal prompts that you can choose from to help you clarify your vision and goals.
  7. Describe other practices that may bring you insight, such as marinating in bodily experience, seeing through troubles, and reviewing your last best day.
  8. Give an example of a personal mission and goals.
  9. Describe the important difference between a personal goal vs. the means to accomplish it.
  10. Why is accessing embodied wisdom vital when considering your personal mission and goals?